NEW MUSEUM: She's crafty

new york

In collaboration with the New Museum Store, Ken Farmer “She’s Crafty,” featuring a spectrum of projects by inventive women tasked with transforming the New Museum’s window display for the holiday season. Beginning on November 14, 2012, and running through January 20, 2013, participating artists and makers reimagined the tiny white-box storefront window on the Bowery as a space for on-site production of unique editions to be sold at the New Museum Store. Reconceptualizing the classic storefront holiday window display, “She’s Crafty” welcomes the public to interact with participating artists and their creative processes. 

Participants included:  Eloise Fornieles, Maggie Lee, Julia Chiang, Breanne Trammell, Rachel Owens, Aiko Mizutori, Dani Griffiths of Clyde, Sophia Matthias, Arielle De PintoAudrey Louise Reynolds, Caroline Z Hurley, Sue Jeiven and epic badass Jennifer Herrema

As an extension of the She's Crafty project, we collaborated with Ed. Varie to create a pop-up artist zine library adjacent to the window studio.