DOSSIER X is an immersive audio-visual collaboration between the composer Patrick Higgins, installation artist Matthew Schreiber, & choreographer Monica Mirabile featuring dancers Jes Nelson, Aarron Ricks, Tara-Jo Tashna + Monica Mirabile.

Inside of Matthew Schreiber’s Gemini laser sculpture, musician, dancer, and audience alike become immersed in a hypnotic landscape of engrossing sound & image, movement & meditation.

The installation is a monumental, site-specific laser sculpture made of forty intersecting lasers spanning seventy-five feet in an atmospheric haze. As the audience and dancers move below the cathedral-like geometry, the precise lines and angles seem to soften and evolve into curves reaching toward the sky. The piece engages with the alienation and inner emotional economy of contemporary digital life, its politics, erotics, systems, and violence.

DOSSIER X was curated and produced by Wild Dogs to premiere at OPUS 2018.