9:30 Club 35th Anniversary
World’s Fair Retrospective

Wild Dogs designed and produced an immersive, interactive retrospective for this legendary Washington D.C. music venue chronicling 35 years of memories and memorabilia from musicians, staff and fans. This World’s Fair-themed exhibition transformed the club through a complete takeover offering unprecedented access from the basement to the greenroom.

Exhibition highlights included:

An immersive projection cube featuring live concert footage edited for 4-channel presentation 
A Mosh pit simulation showcasing the 9:30 Club's history with the DC hardcore scene. 
Nearly 100' feet of 'Projection Pathways' telling the stories of the original and current locations through classic concert footage
A physical re-creation of the original club stage with projections of never seen before concert footage
TV Bartenders featuring interviews with the club's founders in a unique take on talking head
A custom 9:30 Club wallpaper overlaid with historic photos, memorabilia and concert footage